Product Change Notice – PS48NPFC20

End of Life (EoL) of PS48NPFC20 replaced by 48NPFC-20-2.0L

Products Affected: PS48NPFC20

Description of Change:

UPDATED: Concerns with terminations on the left hand side has led to move terminal from the left hand
side to the right hand side. New drawings are attached.
Part Number (PN) PS48NPFC20 has been discontinued due to improvements and part shortages. Our
new battery which replaces the discontinued version will have identical performance specifications and
is an identical battery. The new product PN 48NPFC-20-2.0L has new components with higher reliability
and availability. The new product will fit into a 19” rack and will have the same physical envelope of the
discontinued product. Some artwork and mechanical dimensions are shown on pages 2 and 3.

Customer Impact:

The new 20 A-hr battery (48NPFC-20-2.0L) is identical in envelope, physical features, and electrical
connections. Terminal lugs on the older unit was M4 and are now M5. Customer impact should be

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