Li-150 Multi-Voltage Micro UPS


Product Overview

Introducing the World’s first Multi-Voltage Micro UPS with Patent Pending Stackable Battery Technology, the Li-150 Micro UPS is designed to supply continuous commercial and standby power to 12VDC, 24VDC, 36VDC or 48VDC Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) or Network Equipment. The Li-150 Micro UPS provides user selectable voltage output up to 150 watts and up to 5 Vdc output connection points to support one or multiple CPE devices. The perfect low profile solution for MDU or Commercial applications, the Li-150 Micro UPS can supply over 24 hours of backup, with up to 12 attachable battery packs. The Li-150 Micro UPS can be partnered throughout the home or business to support one or multiple residential/commercial optical network terminals (ONT), 12/24/48Vdc Network Equipment, access points, wireless stations, routers, and much more. Designed for hours of scalable battery backup during electrical outages, the Li-150 Micro UPS also offers an integrated Battery Management System (BMS), L-Ion Technology, audible and visual alarming, user replaceable battery packs, remote signal alarming (telemetry), and 5 year warranty

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Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH, FTTP, FTTx)


Customer Premise Equipment

VoIP Backup

Network Equipment

Portable Power

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)


Wireless Stations


Selectable Voltage UPS

World's first selectable voltage Vdc UPS allows for 12Vdc, 24Vdc, 36Vdc or 48Vdc on demand and selectable at time of installation

Multiple Device Connection

Allows for up to 5 ONT, CPE or network devices to be connected, providing perfect solution for Multi-Dwelling Units, Strip Mall, or Multi-Unit Office Space

12Vdc or 120Vac Inputs

Can be powered by 12Vdc or standard 120Vac input voltages

Desktop or Wall-Mountable

Versatile design allows for World’s easiest wall-mountable solution or out-of-the-box desktop install

Scalable Capacity

Innovative stackable battery design allows user to connect up to 12 battery packs for increased capacity on demand

Surge Protection - VAC and VDC

Providing the Industry’s highest rated frontend surge protection, rated at 12KVA and providing the Industry’s only reverse surge protection on VDC output connection to offer a fully protected solution for any indoor deployment

Stationary or Portable Power

Install as stationary UPS or charge and use a portable battery power for off grid applications

User Replaceable/Stackable Battery Pack

Battery Pack can be easily added or replaced without network interruption

Network Interface Reset (N.I.R.) Control Function

Allows End User options for push button control to reset VDC power to ONT or CPE device saving costly truck rolls to reset power

Telemetry Interface

Battery Signal Alarming to ONT or CPE device: On Battery, Replace Battery, Battery Missing, Low Battery

Local Visual and Audible Alarming

Onsite Battery Alarming: On Battery, Low Battery, and Replace Battery

Extended Life Battery

10 Year Design Life Battery Pack

Battery Management System (BMS)

Integrated Battery Management System manages battery charging, cell balancing and performs battery self test to protect and extend battery life

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Input Voltage Range: 100Vac-240Vac

Input Voltage Range: 12Vdc


Output Voltage (On Vac): 12VDC\24VDC\36VDC\48VDC

Output Voltage (On Battery): 12VDC\24VDC\36VDC\48VDC

Continuous Power Capacity:


Battery Type: Lithium lon Battery Pack

Design Life: 10-15 Years

Typical Recharge Time: <17 hrs

Replaceable Pack: Yes


Lightning/Surge Protection: Yes(IEC 61000-4-5 2005 )


Battery Auto-Charge: Yes

Battery Self-Test: Yes

Telemetry Interface: Yes

Local Alarming (Audible/Visual): Yes

Alarm Silence:

ONT Reset: Yes

Cold Start: Yes


Maximum Dimensions: 269mm×160mm×90mm


Operating Temperature: -10℃ - 40℃(14℉ - 104℉) at full power

Storage Temperature: -30℃ - 65℃( -22℉ -149℉)

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