PSI Introducing New and Improved Version of our Popular 100AH Rack-Mounted Smart Battery Q1 2024

Product Change Notice

December 15, 2023

Products Affected: P/N 48NPFC-100-2.0L, 48NPFC-100-2.0, 48NPFC-RMU1.1

Description of Change:

A new and improved 100 AHR battery (P/N 48NPFC-100-2.0L) will replace the 48NPFC-100-2.0 b battery. The battery will include several enhancements to include a longer life, brackets that will fit 19” or 23” racks. Also, rotatable bracket that can anchor the battery to the shelf. Included will be a display so Battery Management System (BMS) data can be viewed on site. Expected availability is expected late 2nd Quarter 2024.

Customer Impact:

Major changes that will impact installations are the following:

  1. The battery depth has changed from 15.75” (400mm) to 17.75(450mm).
  2. The battery voltage terminals are on the right and left side, front panel, of the case. Termination screw is still M6.
  3. A new Remote Monitoring Unit (RMU, P/N 48NPFC-RMU-1.1) firmware will be released to be compatible with the new battery.
  4. This battery is a 16S and charge/float voltage should be set at 58.4V.
  5. Charging current will be limited by the BMS to 0.2C (20A) per battery.
  6. There will be no CAN bus connections.

Attached are additional descriptive materials for review. Also, a comprehensive specification will follow as a revision to this PCN.

Contact Information:

For questions, comments or more information, please contact PowerTec Solutions International:
PowerTec Solutions International
44 Revolution Drive
Franklin, KY 42134
P: (270) 813-1110
E: [email protected]

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