About PSI

Who We Are

PowerTec Solutions International (PSI) is a privately held technology design and manufacturing company focused on providing custom DC Power, UPS, and other standby power solutions to compliment global FTTx, Wireline and Wireless applications.

Our Innovation

  • World’s smallest Vdc UPS for Telecom, Wireless, Industrial, Hospitality and Enterprise Markets
  • World’s only Vdc UPS with patent pending stackable Li Ion battery packs for scalable standby capacity
  • World’s first universal all-in-one FTTx Enclosure to house ONT, UPS and Fiber Management
  • Industry’s highest rated frontend Vac surge protection for residential FTTx power and standby solutions
  • World’s first multi-voltage Vdc UPS to offer 12/24/36/48Vdc in one solution with multiple CPE Vdc output connections
  • Industry leading LIFEPO4 Micro Rack Battery Systems to replace legacy sealed lead acid batteries, offering a 20 year design life and 1/3 the size of sealed lead acid
  • Industry’s first scalable voltage outdoor Vdc UPS to offer 12-48Vdc and optional LIFEPO4 or Sealed Lead Acid Standby Power
  • Global leader in FTTx ONT Power Supply only options where battery backup is not required

Why Choose Us

Our Industry leading advancements in our competitive field focuses on innovative custom power solutions increasing the functionality and efficiencies of current legacy products, while our skilled and dedicated team continues creating forward thinking power and standby solutions to fit your future network requirements.

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Our professional service team is happy to assist with any questions about our products, or to discuss a custom solution. Please contact us below and we’ll respond within 24 hours.

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