Universal All-in-One ONT Enclosure


Product Overview

The Innovative PSI Universal Enclosure offers the World’s most versatile All-In-One Solution for housing various Manufacturers’ ONT’s, Fiber/Cable Management, ONT Power Supply or optional PSI NXG-Vision Micro UPS. The PSI Universal Enclosure unique design provides a movable slack storage tray allowing universal fit for nearly all indoor ONT Models, including Calix 716-I, Zhone 24xx, Alcatel 240-I, Adtran 324/424, and iPhotonix iVolve. Also includes, vertical fiber splice tray, multiple entry and exit Fiber/Cable management and securement options, control access window for customer control options without removing cover and easy install cover with optional company logo.

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Fiber-to-the-home (FTTH, FTTP, FTTx)

Utility FTTx

Customer Premise Equipment

Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU)

Single Family Unit (SFU)

Wireless Local Loop


World's Smallest "All-in-One" FTTx Enclosure

Innovative "All-in-One" design offers FTTx's first wall mountable enclosure to house most indoor ONT models, PSI Micro UPS and all Fiber/Cable management

Fiber Splice Tray

Attachable, Vertical Fiber Tray for optional pig-tail splicing

Multiple Fiber/Cable Entry/Exit Options

Built for clean and efficient install with multiple options for fiber/cable management

Securely Mount to any Wall

Under 5lbs fully loaded with ONT, Micro UPS and cabling

Ease of Access to Micro UPS Control Functions

Control Access Window allows for Customer Control Options without removing cover

Slack Storage Tray

Allows for additional fiber storage and is movable to allow for Universal fit for nearly all Indoor ONT Models

Dimensions (H x W x D)

9.7" x 13.7" x 3" (247mm x 347mm x 75mm)

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